The Trinidad and Tobago Association of Georgia, Inc (TnTGA) is a non-profit organization, operating in the State of Georgia. The organization was incorporated in November 2003 and earned the non-profit status in January 2011. Trinidad and Tobago Association of Georgia, Inc. is committed to promoting the diverse culture of Trinidad and Tobago while assisting the youth in achieving their higher educational goals through scholarships. The scholarships are awarded every August at the Annual Independence/Scholarship award event that commemorates the Independence of Trinidad and Tobago. Over the past four (2014 - 2018) years, the organization has awarded about $8,000 in scholarships to High School seniors and College-bound students. The organization had 6 presidents since its inception. They are as follows: Wayne Alonzo, Founder/First President, Douglas Barzey, Allan Nottingham, Tabitha Forde, (1st female president) Alan Simpson, and presently Joyce Thompson.

Our Vision

To transform and inspire dreams and aspirations through our community and culture.

Our Mission

Trinidad and Tobagos Association of georgia is a community service organisation who is dedicated to the advancement and general well being of the greater community of georgia and the republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Objectives

To establish and maintain a positive image of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, its people, and its culture among the Georgia population in particular, and the USA in general. To enhance the level of knowledge, skills, and self-sufficiency of the Trinidad and Tobago community in Georgia. To ensure that the Trinidad and Tobago youth population in Georgia obtain the support necessary for them to excel in their personal development, educational, and recreational pursuits. To provide a healthy forum for social interaction, recreation, exercise, exchange of ideas, and networking for members of the Trinidad and Tobago community in Georgia. To provide support services for members of the Trinidad and Tobago communities in Georgia, the wider USA, and Trinidad and Tobago. To ensure that the views of the Trinidad and Tobago community in Georgia are heard and respected by the political directorate. To acquire the property, equipment, materials, and services required for facilitating the administration, programs and activities of the organization. To expand and maintain at a consistently high level the human resource base of the Association. To establish an accounting, information, and reporting system and process that would provide accurate, timely and relevant financial information to members and our significant publics.

Our Values

We Believe:
In the existence and all encompassing power and beneficence of the Creator and implore his guidance in all our deliberations and actions. that when united and working toward a common purpose, a people can bring great good to a community. that our members are the Association’s greatest and most important assets. that for our Association to be successful, we must fully engage the participation of its members and the community it serves. that accountability and transparency are incumbent for the success of the Association. that diligence, dedication, integrity and respect represent the foundation upon which our association must function. that commitment to excellence is essential to achieving the Association’s mission. that consistency in effort, creativity in ideas, and commitment to service must serve as catalysts for the Association’s success. that we should utilize our rich and diverse culture to enhance and strengthen our sense of community. that cultural and social exchange among people of various backgrounds significantly improves the understanding and co-existence of human kind. that education is the key to success and should thus be fostered and promoted by the Association. that, as responsible citizens, we are obligated to provide guidance, mentoring and support to our nationals, especially our youth. that sustainable economic development of our community is a necessary ingredient for enhancing its level of self-sufficiency and general well-being. that participation in wholesome recreational activities by a community contributes significantly to its cohesion, health and general well-being. that it is incumbent upon those who enjoy wealth and success in life to share their knowledge, experiences and good will with those who may be less fortunate. that as nationals of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, we must be mindful of our responsibility to serve the homeland that nurtured us. that the Association must strive towards attaining its independence through the acquisition and ownership of its own resources and through reliance on its own efforts.

Our Operational Guidelines

We Will:
engage only in activities and support only causes that are reflective of and in harmony with our stated values. operate at all times within the Bylaws of the Association and the laws and statutes of the State of Georgia and the Federal Government of the United States of America. practice participatory decision-making throughout the organization and arrive at decisions only after due deliberation. strive always to deliver the highest quality of services and products. develop and implement programs that will accrue to the benefit of members and supporters. ensure that all funds received from donors will be used for the purpose for which they were intended, unless said donor makes exceptions. All other funds raised will be allocated at the discretion of the executive for the benefit of the Association. conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity, responsibility, transparency, and accountability. give due recognition to all who contribute to the advancement and success of the Association. develop and support programs that encourage members to maximize their individual talents and abilities. ensure that the Association’s purpose, objectives, and actions at all times adequately address the needs and aspirations of the Trinidad and Tobago community in Georgia. maintain full transparency in the Association’s dealings by preparing annual budgets for the Association’s operations, maintaining accurate records of its transactions, and providing the membership with monthly updates on the financial status of the Association. ensure that the financial reports are audited annually by an independent body and presented at the annual general meeting. We Will Not: engage in any activities that would compromise the character, reputation, dignity, honor or success of the Association, its members or its supporters. commit the Association’s resources to any activity or cause that is geared specifically toward promoting the self-interest of a particular member or group of members of the Association. act partisan to any person, group, or political entity in any of our policies or activities. discriminate against any person on account of his/her race, creed, nationality, or economic status. permit the use of any obscene language and / or disruptive conduct in any of the Association’s meetings or functions.